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    OptiPlanning, officieel VisiTour Dealer voor de BeNeLux.


    • BBS Reisen
    • Landschaftsverband Rheinland
    • Landschaftsverband Westfalen
    • Bezirk Oberfranken
    • Fachklinik Rhein-Ruhr
    • Bezirk Oberbayern


    VisiTour LinOS is an innovative planning system, tailored to the requirements of student and disabled transportation. It facilitates optimal planning of public transport and supports the sponsors with the administration and tendering of individual routes.

    Detailed planning

    VisiTour LinOS facilitates the rapid and simple calculation of optimal schedules for all available transportation vehicles. According to your specifications, the system takes into account all relevant requirements, such as the smooth coordination of different school hours, the minimization of individual travel and waiting times, driver qualifications and transportation regulations or the integration of escorts and single passnler transports.

    Simple generation of schedules

    You can generate new and clearly arranged schedules quickly and simply, or easily adjust existing schedules – even during the school year. VisiTour LinOS records all changes to the schedule, which are then easily tracked at any time.

    Reduced costs, better service

    With VisiTour LinOS your passnlers will enjoy shorter travel times, fewer detours and better service. At the same time, you can cut down your costs significantly by reducing driving distances and by optimizing the use of all vehicles. The software is so effective that on average the investment pays off in less than six months.

    Simplified tender procedures

    VisiTour LinOS also allows you to reduce administration costs for public tenders considerably. With this system, you can easily and comfortably generate anonymous tender documents, administer the basic data and perform a comprehensive cost analysis for all offers.

    Comfortable technology

    VisiTour LinOS is a true client-server solution. It is not necessary to install it at the work place, and it can be accessed via the internet – directly by participating schools, for example. The Oracle database system not only facilitates the fast and easy import of data, but guarantees high performance and data security even with large quantities of data. In case you wish to equip different users with individual access rights, it is very easy to define individual authorizations.